Best Vendor Plans for VTU Business


When requesting to Become a Vendor on our platform, you will be required to select a 'Vendor Plan'. At the time of compiling this article, there are 3 Vendor plans available on our platform and this article aims at helping you compare these plans in order to make informed decisions.

Available VTU Vendor Plans

The 3 available Vendor Plans are 'Vendor', 'Vendor Pro', and 'Vendor ProMax'. Lets use the table below to compare there plans.


Item Vendor Vendor Pro Vendor ProMax
Free Domain Name Yes Yes Yes
Free Hosting Yes Yes Yes
Instant VTU Website Yes Yes Yes
SMS-Bot Yes Yes Yes
Whatsapp-Bot (Coming Soon) Yes Yes Yes
Website to Mobile App Conversion Yes Yes Yes
Product Auto Pricer Yes Yes Yes
Automatic Price Adjustment No Yes Yes
Premium Website Themes No Yes Yes
Access to Exclusive Packages No Yes Yes
Native Mobile App (Coming Soon) No No Yes
Cost price for user's upgrade to Vendor Plan ₦25,000 ₦22,000 ₦20,000
Cost price for user's upgrade to Vendor Pro Plan ₦42,000 ₦38,000 ₦35,000
Cost price for user's upgrade to Vendor ProMax Plan ₦57,000 ₦52,000 ₦47,000
Commission earned on Grand-User Upgrades 0% 5% of User's Profit 10% of User's Profit
Commission earned from User's Renewal of Vendor Plan 0 ₦3,000 ₦5,000
Commission earned from User's Renewal  of Vendor Pro Plan 0 ₦4,000 ₦7,000
Commission earned from User's Renewal of Vendor ProMax Plan 0 ₦5,000 ₦10,000



  • User : This refers to anyone that register's on your VTU website.
  • Grand-User : This refes to anyone that register's on the VTU website of your user.
  • SMS-Bot : This is a unique bot that allows user's to buy product from your VTU website by simply sending a text message (SMS) to our Bot Server.
  • Whatsapp-Bot : This is similar to SMS-Bot but works on the Whatsapp platform. However, it is loaded with more features than SMS-Bot. 
  • Product Auto Pricer : This is a unique feature on our VTU Portal Creator that allows you (as a Vendor) to automatically increase the price of certain products by a given percent.
  • For instance, if you wish to increase the prices of all DATA Packages on your platform by 10%, this feature that get in done in a click of a button.
  • Automatic Price Adjustment :  This is similar to Product Auto-Pricer, however, while Product Auto-Pricer requires you to manually set the percentage margin, the click the button; Automatic Price Adjustment on the other hand works automatically. It detects when you are about to sell an item at a price that is lower than the cost price, then automatically adjusts your own price in order to avoid selling at a lose.

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