Best Free Website Designs for Your VTU Portal


Using the Instant VTU Portal Creator feature on our platform, one of the options presented to you while requesting to Become a VTU Vendor is 'Select Theme'. This basically refers to the design that will be automatically applied on you VTU website when created. The 'Select Theme' feature give you the ability and flexibility to choose a design that best suits your taste. However, you can change this theme even after your website has been created using the 'Site Manager' on your Admin Dashboard.

The purpose of this article is to show you a quick preview of all available Themes/Designs that you can choose from. At the time of compiling this article, there are only 4 available themes on the portal, however, we will keep adding more themes to the collection and updating this article; so do come back to this post frequently for available designs.

The Perfect FREE Themes for Your VTU Website

Below are available themes / designs for your VTU Portal

  • Theme 4 :::

  • Theme 3 :::

  • Theme 2 :::

  • Theme 1 :::

As stated earlier, we are committed to enhancing your VTU Vendor experience, and that includes offering an ever-growing array of themes to suit your preferences. We encourage you to bookmark this page and revisit it frequently to stay updated on the latest theme additions. This way, you can ensure your VTU website always reflects the latest trends and aligns with your brand identity.

In conclusion, choosing the right theme for your VTU website is a pivotal step in establishing a strong online presence. With the 'Select Theme' feature and the flexibility of the 'Site Manager,' you have the tools at your disposal to create a visually appealing and dynamic website that engages your audience effectively. Explore the available themes, experiment, and keep an eye out for new additions to stay ahead in the virtual top-up game. Your website's theme is your canvas; make it a masterpiece!


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